There are sick children in our communities that need our help.  It is estimated that 400 children in the Eastern Cape should be diagnosed with cancer every year but this is not happening due to misdiagnosis and poor treatment as a result. We also have failing systems that are in turn failing our children.

The vision of Siyavuka for Kids is to support the current Paediatric Oncology / Haematology Unit at the P.E. Provincial Hospital, and in time to develop and support a centre of excellence, a pioneering Children’s Hospital in Gqeberha, for the provision of specialised care to all the children who suffer from serious, rare or complicated childhood diseases.

Siyavuka” is an isiXhosa phrase, meaning “We rise!” or “Resurrection”. The World Health Organization (WHO) agrees that vast disparities exist around the world in a child’s chances of survival, with low- and middle-income countries disproportionately affected. Many life-saving interventions are beyond the reach of the world’s poorest children. We share the view that a child’s chances of surviving dreaded diseases should not be dependent on where they were born. Our mission is to reduce the suffering of seriously ill children and their parents/caregivers. We believe that every child with a serious illness has the right to be treated in a specialist unit as close to home as possible. Every such child should be given the opportunity to realise their full potential in a safe and loving environment which caters for all their physical as well as psycho-social needs.

By liaising with all role-players, national and international, regarding the treatment and support of affected children, we want to:

  • Ensure holistic management of all the child’s needs
  • Raising funds to meet the foundation’s objectives


We want to collaborate with the South African Department of Health, Private Sector and the Community.  By establishing this network of supportive relationships Siyavuka aims to reach the following objectives:

  1. To support the current Paediatric Oncology/Haematology Unit (M3 ward) at the P.E. Provincial Hospital, by meeting their immediate and desperate ongoing needs.
  2. To build, maintain and operate a specialist Children’s Hospital in Gqeberha.  This will offer the seriously ill children of the Eastern Cape state of the art healthcare and related services.


At this centre of excellence…

  • We want to promote the rapid and accurate diagnosis and timely referral of all children with complicated diseases to appropriate specialist services.
  • We want to recruit, develop and retain suitable healthcare workers.
  • We want to deliver comprehensive and humane care aimed at optimising the health, development and spiritual growth of each child.


Launch of Siyavuka for Kids

Launch of Siyavuka for Kids

Thank you to HeraldLIVE – Nelson Mandela Bay for covering the launch of Siyavuka for Kids and to all those who attended and showed support. We are standing together to make a change in the lives of children with cancer and dreaded diseases.

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